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Dominant Color Delta
Color Palette 1 Delta
Color Palette 2 Iron
Color Palette 3 Mine Shaft
Color Palette 4 Storm Dust
Color Palette 5 Tobacco Brown
Color Palette 6 Sand Dune
Color Palette 7 Kabul
Color Palette 8 Tana
Color Palette 9 Pale Leaf
Vyara Gold Granite Countertop Toronto

Installer, Fabricator & Supplier of Vyara Gold Granite Countertop in Toronto

Vyara Gold granite countertops will vary, influenced by the granite quarry in that it was developed. Vyara Gold is a perduring granite stone which will maintain years of use. Vyara Gold is a Delta hue granite with Color Pallets of Delta and Iron. escalated materials ahead of them cut. If you are modelling a tuscan design kitchen Vyara Gold granite stone is ideal. A new Vyara Gold granite material island can be the central of your apartment, a spot to have brunch, read your paper, have a Keoke Coffee or a martini! From: $38.00

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