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Dominant Color Tundora
Color Palette 1 Tundora
Color Palette 2 Cloud
Color Palette 3 Concord
Color Palette 4 Shuttle Gray
Color Palette 5 Nevada
Color Palette 6 Manatee
Color Palette 7 Cod Gray
Color Palette 8 Gray Chateau
Color Palette 9 Cocoa Brown
Via Lactea Granite Countertop Toronto

Installer, Fabricator & Supplier of Via Lactea Granite Countertop in Toronto

Via Lactea is a top choice granite color to best suit a Tundora or Cloud coloured furnishing. I say use Via Lactea to complement Traditional Kitchens. Via Lactea most noted for its reliable qualities, ability to withstand high temperatures and spots. At Our store we choose Via Lactea as our top pick granite. Via Lactea has the potential of being a center or granite countertop, dramatically improving your kitchen. This specific granite is quite a common granite material making it a great choice. Pricing starting from $38.00 for our basic granite (installed and fabricated).

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