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Dominant Color Cape Cod
Color Palette 1 Nandor
Color Palette 2 Bitter
Color Palette 3 Cotton Seed
Color Palette 4 Woodsmoke
Color Palette 5 Pale Sky
Color Palette 6 Edward
Color Palette 7 Blue Smoke
Color Palette 8 Santas Gray
Color Palette 9 Outer Space
Verde Butterfly Granite Countertop Toronto

Installer, Fabricator & Supplier of Verde Butterfly Granite Countertop in Toronto

When building a tuscan kitchen This exact material is one of the most popular choices. Remember: A new Verde Butterfly granite island will be the centerpiece of your condo, where you will have your cookies, speak to your spouse, have a Cafe mélange or a pop! mined granite slabs prior to them purchased. Verde Butterfly is a Cape Cod hue stone with Color Pigments of Nandor, Bitter, Cotton Seed, Woodsmoke and Pale Sky. From: $38.00 Verde Butterfly is a durable granite stone that will maintain a lifetime of use. Verde Butterfly granite counters will vary greatly, influenced by the quarry in which it was escalated.

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