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In many bathrooms, the vanity is the piece of furniture that does all the work. It helps keep all your personal and bathroom essentials properly stored as well as give a great look to your overall bathroom style. Consider what style is right for your bathroom first and of course don’t forget to keep in mind the overall functionality.

Before you get started, think about your bathroom and what you use it for. Sounds obvious, we know, but think about whether it is the place where you put on all of your cosmetics, for example, or whether you do that elsewhere in the house.

This will help you to make a better informed decision and buy the best vanity based on your needs.


At this point even though it isn’t important to know what your countertop will be, it can be helpful if you already do. If you haven’t decided exactly what will lay on top of the vanity, you should at least know what type of material you would like. There are a variety of bathroom countertops to choose from, such as tile, granite, marble, glass, and even stainless steel. Make a list of all available bathroom countertop options and then scratch off the ones you won’t consider while leaving the possibilities on the list. Know what you’re buying and don’t just settle, as you may fall in love with a vanity and find that it already comes with a countertop that you don’t like.

Drawer Space and Shelving

Many people have a lot of essentials they store in their bathroom. Essentials for personal hygiene among other things are of great assistance when getting ready. Thus, it is important to see the shelving and drawer space that the vanity offers and compare it to your existing one. Do you need more space and room for storage? The size of the vanity will also determine how much storage space is available in the vanity, however you must remember that you may be limited in space in your bathroom. Always think twice prior to your purchase. Take pictures, get the measurements and go back home to see how and if your ideal vanity will work in your bathroom.

The Space and Area

It is extremely vital to know and understand the area where the vanity will be placed. Many times people know they are in need of a new vanity and head out to look around. However, when they come across one they really like, they later discover that it doesn’t come in the size or height they need in order to fit their space. Know your space before you shop, it will save you time by not having to make extra trips to the stores and also allow you to only look at the vanities that come in you size and desired styles.

Remember to keep in mind the overall size of the bathroom but also how many people will be using the bathroom.If you live alone, then you’re in luck, but if not, remember that you’ll need to consider the needs of your partner, friend, lodger, or whoever else lives with you.  If space allows, consider a double vanity with two sinks as most often they have more drawers and additional shelving options.

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