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Dominant Color Thunder
Color Palette 1 Thunder
Color Palette 2 Bombay
Color Palette 3 Jumbo
Color Palette 4 Emperor
Color Palette 5 Shuttle Gray
Color Palette 6 Granny Smith
Color Palette 7 Manatee
Color Palette 8 Cape Cod
Color Palette 9 Scarpa Flow
Tempest Black Granite Countertop Toronto

Installer, Fabricator & Supplier of Tempest Black Granite Countertop in Toronto

Tempest Black tops are thought of as luxury and are most commonly chosen for some of the finest homes. Tempest Black is of a Thunder color with shades of Thunder, Bombay and Jumbo. This granite countertop best suits Thunder, Bombay, Jumbo or Emperor furniture. There are other factors to consider, like flooring, wall color and other furniture., you can instead pick a color that is opposite to them. Our shop, Granite Countertops Toronto is a furnisher of Tempest Black granite counter tops in Toronto and area. Granite countertops prices beginning at $38.00 per sq.ft. installed and fabricated including the material cost.

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