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Dominant Color Siam
Color Palette 1 Siam
Color Palette 2 Heavy Metal
Color Palette 3 Alabaster
Color Palette 4 Lemon Grass
Color Palette 5 Rangitoto
Color Palette 6 Stack
Color Palette 7 Delta
Color Palette 8 Green Spring
Color Palette 9 Thunder
Super White Granite Countertop Toronto

Installer, Fabricator & Supplier of Super White Granite Countertop in Toronto

Super White tops are imagined as attractive and often found their place at the most luxurious kitchens. Super White is of a Siam color with shades of Siam and Heavy Metal. This specific surface best suits Siam, Heavy Metal, Alabaster, Lemon Grass, Rangitoto, Stack, Delta or Green Spring cabinets. You don’t always have to match by color of cabinets, also consider flooring and wall color., or you could opt for a tone that is their opposite. Granite Countertops in Toronto is a distributor of Super White granite countertops in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Granite counter tops begin at $38.00 per sq.ft. fabricated and installed.

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