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Dominant Color Tide
Color Palette 1 Cloudy
Color Palette 2 Cape Cod
Color Palette 3 Storm Dust
Color Palette 4 Tapa
Color Palette 5 Satin Linen
Color Palette 6 Finch
Color Palette 7 Emperor
Color Palette 8 Granite Green
Color Palette 9 Mischka
Royal Cream Granite Countertop Toronto

Installer, Fabricator & Supplier of Royal Cream Granite Countertop in Toronto

Royal Cream countertops are viewed as charming and are the preferred choice for the most luxurious kitchens. Royal Cream is of a Tide color that also includes the following colors: Cloudy, Cape Cod, Storm Dust, Tapa, Satin Linen, Finch, Emperor and Granite Green. This specific granite countertop is perfect with Cloudy, Cape Cod, Storm Dust, Tapa, Satin Linen, Finch, Emperor, Granite Green or Mischka cabinets. You don’t always have to color match, just choose what looks good to you., you can instead opt for a tone that is opposite to them. Our firm is a furnisher of Royal Cream counters in Toronto, Ontario. Granite counter tops beginning at $38.00 per sq.ft. installed.

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