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Dominant Color Hurricane
Color Palette 1 Schooner
Color Palette 2 Rhino
Color Palette 3 Cold Turkey
Color Palette 4 Blue Bayoux
Color Palette 5 Millbrook
Color Palette 6 Rock
Color Palette 7 Polo Blue
Color Palette 8 Pumice
Color Palette 9 Russett
Red Montana Granite Countertop Toronto

Installer, Fabricator & Supplier of Red Montana Granite Countertop in Toronto

mined Red Montana slabs right before they are purchased. Red Montana slabs will vary greatly, reliant on the location in that it was developed. While renovating transitional designed kitchen This specific granite material is perfect. Red Montana is a Hurricane tone granite stone with Granite Vein Colors of Schooner, Rhino, Cold Turkey, Blue Bayoux, Millbrook, Rock, Polo Blue and Pumice. From: $38.00 Red Montana is a reliable stone that can withstand lifetimes of active service. Remember: A Red Montana granite island can be the most important part of your apartment, where you will have brunch, dinner, have a Cafe Mendoza or a vine!

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