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Dominant Color Baltic Sea
Color Palette 1 Shark
Color Palette 2 Nomad
Color Palette 3 Flint
Color Palette 4 Emperor
Color Palette 5 Mantle
Color Palette 6 Corduroy
Color Palette 7 Cape Cod
Color Palette 8 Shuttle Gray
Color Palette 9 Manatee
Red Fire Granite Countertop Toronto

Installer, Fabricator & Supplier of Red Fire Granite Countertop in Toronto

Red Fire countertops are viewed as richness and are often installed in pent house condos. Red Fire is of a Baltic Sea color that also includes the following colors: Shark, Nomad, Flint, Emperor, Mantle and Corduroy. Red Fire granite is usually combined with Shark, Nomad, Flint, Emperor, Mantle or Corduroy islands. You don’t always have to match by color of cabinets, also consider flooring and wall color., or you could opt for a color that is their opposite. Granite Countertops Toronto is a distributor of Red Fire granite tops in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Countertops prices beginning at $38.00 per sq.ft. for fabrication and installation.

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