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Dominant Color Heathered Gray
Color Palette 1 Bison Hide
Color Palette 2 Dune
Color Palette 3 Gray Nurse
Color Palette 4 Potters Clay
Color Palette 5 Shingle Fawn
Color Palette 6 Barley Corn
Color Palette 7 Pablo
Color Palette 8 Leather
Color Palette 9 Aths Special
Odyssey Granite Countertop Toronto

Installer, Fabricator & Supplier of Odyssey Granite Countertop in Toronto

If you are renovating a tuscan design kitchen This color range material is a perfect selection. Imporant: Any new Odyssey stone island will be the most important part of your apartment, the spot where you will have your morning tea, use your laptop, have a Greek frappé coffee or a coke! mined slabs prior to them manufactured. From: $38.00 Odyssey granite comes in variety, formed by the location in which it was developed. Odyssey is a reliable granite material that will maintain form decades of abuse. Odyssey is a Heathered Gray tone granite stone with Color Elements of Bison Hide, Dune, Gray Nurse, Potters Clay and Shingle Fawn.

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