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Dominant Color Tuna
Color Palette 1 Charade
Color Palette 2 Oslo Gray
Color Palette 3 Cloud
Color Palette 4 Gray Chateau
Color Palette 5 Scarpa Flow
Color Palette 6 Pale Sky
Color Palette 7 Santas Gray
Color Palette 8 Nevada
Color Palette 9 Bouquet
Ocean Fantasy Granite Countertop Toronto

Installer, Fabricator & Supplier of Ocean Fantasy Granite Countertop in Toronto

Ocean Fantasy is a fantastic granite material that works with a Charade or Oslo Gray coloured furniture. Pick Ocean Fantasy for Eclectic style Kitchens. Ocean Fantasy is particularly known for its durable property, resilience to thermal and staining. At Our company we select Ocean Fantasy as our go to granite. Ocean Fantasy can be a great center or granite faucet top, bringing your kitchen to a new level. This exact granite is is a common granite making it a personal favourite of many. Starting from $38.00 for our basic granite materials (installed and fabricated).

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