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Dominant Color Flax Smoke
Color Palette 1 Green Kelp
Color Palette 2 Kokoda
Color Palette 3 Timberwolf
Color Palette 4 Thistle Green
Color Palette 5 Bud
Color Palette 6 Woodland
Color Palette 7 Hillary
Color Palette 8 Mondo
Color Palette 9 Rainee
Leopard Skin Granite Countertop Toronto

Installer, Fabricator & Supplier of Leopard Skin Granite Countertop in Toronto

Leopard Skin is a abiding granite material which will maintain years of service. From: $38.00 developed materials ahead of them purchased. When constructing a traditional design kitchen This specific material will work well. Your Leopard Skin granite material island can be the central of your home, where you will have supper, dinner, have a Affogato or a martini! Leopard Skin is a Flax Smoke coloured granite stone with Color Pigments of Green Kelp, Kokoda, Timberwolf, Thistle Green, Bud, Woodland and Hillary colors. Leopard Skin granite countertops will vary, based on the quarry location in that it was developed.

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