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Dominant Color Corduroy
Color Palette 1 Abbey
Color Palette 2 Cloud
Color Palette 3 Outer Space
Color Palette 4 Natural Gray
Color Palette 5 Heavy Metal
Color Palette 6 Gunsmoke
Color Palette 7 Edward
Color Palette 8 Aluminium
Color Palette 9 Thunder
Kodiak Antique Granite Countertop Toronto

Installer, Fabricator & Supplier of Kodiak Antique Granite Countertop in Toronto

From: $38.00 Kodiak Antique is a enduring granite material that can last years of abuse. escalated granite slabs prior to them manufactured. Kodiak Antique is a Corduroy coloured stone with Subtle Colours of Abbey, Cloud, Outer Space and Natural Gray colors. Kodiak Antique countertops vary, based on the granite quarry where it was escalated. Imporant: Your Kodiak Antique stone island can be the centerpiece of your condo, a spot to have your cereal, dinner, have a Turkish coffee or a whisky! If you are building an old world style kitchen This exact granite stone is a popular choice.

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