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2013 is well under way and we have seen some big changes in the world of kitchen design. If you want to get involved with this trendy revolution and give your home an injection of up-to-date style, take a look at these top tips and developments provided by Kevin, BuyBuyKitchens dedicated writer on all things kitchen.

Kitchen Design Trends Of 2013


Glossy whites have been the dominant force in kitchen color for the past few years. However, this is starting to change. Colors are slowly starting to creep back into the kitchen design scene, with greys and neutral blues, greens and yellows becoming staples of the modern kitchen. This brightens up the kitchen space, giving it a more positive feel without the overpowering, gaudy look of bright reds and oranges.

Dresser Storage

In the recent past dressers seemed like a relic of a bygone era, representing old fashioned qualities and design features, but not anymore. Dressers are making a big comeback in kitchen design, with the glass compartments on the front not only offering handy storage space, but allowing you to display your best china and ornate cutlery.


The environmental movement has been gathering more and more momentum over the years, and we can finally see this in the current kitchen lighting trend. LED lights are all the rage at the moment, offering an energy efficient output that is much better for the environment. On top of this, they are great at creating atmosphere within the room, improving the entire feel and look of your kitchen instantly.


Hardwood flooring is back with a bang in 2013 and has become a must in all kitchen interiors. The trendiest wood shades include the likes of bamboo, oak and maple. However, not all are into the dark, earthy look and it certainly doesn’t complement the bright, ultra-modern look of some kitchens. For kitchens such as these, glass has become a huge favorite, with its reflective, sharp appearance offering the perfect addition. In terms of functionality, they offer a hard, durable surface that is difficult to damage, whilst the striking appearance makes it fantastically fashionable.


Social spaces have become big favorites in 2013, which has made the popularity of kitchens islands rocket in recent months. An island unit has the instant effect of making your kitchen a more family-orientated area, encouraging member to convene regularly at meal times and in between, to chat and enjoy each others’ company. The most popular designs are the curved islands, as they save space in the kitchen and look extremely stylish and on trend.


Minimalism is still going strong in 2013 kitchen design, which can be seen in the development of kitchen cabinet units. The most popular of these cabinets now incorporate flat, slab doors with small handles in their design, taking up less space in the kitchen whilst still offering that striking appearance. These are accompanied by a dark, mat finish, which provides the solid, modern look of the best contemporary kitchens.

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This guest blog was written by Buy Buy Kitchens writer Kevin, an experienced interior design who takes a particular interest in kitchens.