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Dominant Color Ash
Color Palette 1 Tea
Color Palette 2 Dune
Color Palette 3 Makara
Color Palette 4 Kabul
Color Palette 5 Oslo Gray
Color Palette 6 Black Haze
Color Palette 7 Tobacco Brown
Color Palette 8 White Rock
Color Palette 9 Bazaar
Juparana Gaivota Granite Countertop Toronto

Installer, Fabricator & Supplier of Juparana Gaivota Granite Countertop in Toronto

Juparana Gaivota is a fantastic countertop material to best suit a Tea, Dune, Makara, Kabul or Oslo Gray coloured furnishing. I say use Juparana Gaivota for Transitional Kitchen style. Juparana Gaivota is admired for its tough property, ability to withstand heat and slurs. At Granite Countertops Toronto we often recommend Juparana Gaivota as our number one granite. Juparana Gaivota will create a brilliant central or granite countertop, revamping your kitchen. This specific granite is quite a rare granite making it a personal favourite of many. Our prices for granite start from $38.00 for select materials (installed and fabricated).

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