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We Supply Granite Slabs in Toronto

Granite Slabs are composed of a crystal rock formed from magma as a result of its cooling and subsequent hardening. Granite Slab’s structure consists of 50%-70% field spars, 10%-40% free quartz, and in a total sum to 10% of mica, a horn blende, amphibolite. Granite’s color depends on coloring of field spars and can have the shades of grey bluish-green, pink and brown, red, and other colors combinations. Additionally, the coloration of granite is influenced by dark-colored elements that give the natural stone a darker color and quite often a greenish shade. Grain size determines the resulting granite patter, be it large-grain, mid-grain or small-grain granite.

granite-slabs-torontoDeposits of granite are spread out worldwide. Major fields are located in Ukraine. Considerable stocks may be found in Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Bulgaria and many other countries. Italy is the leading manufacturer of granite in the world. Considerable deposits may also be found in India. Our company supplies Toronto with granite slabs from a large range of countries including but not limited to: Spain, Italy, India, Russia, Brazil, Norway and many other things.

Thanks to the numerous advantages the granite it is one of the most widespread materials used for building and facing. Its main advantages are: visual appeal, the possibility of finishing it with any texture, uniformity of structure, good resistance to corrosion, resilience, wide availability. The durability of a granite slab is second to diamond. The extraordinary physic mechanical properties of a granite slab in Toronto (a natural stone), make highly durable products with the life expectancy of up to 1500 years. Products made from granite slabs do not lose consumer properties and do not change appearance from day-to-day operation and seasonal difference of temperature. Therefore, granite slabs can be success used in scenarios that require high endurance materials.

Designers and architects alike buy granite slabs in Toronto over any other material as its wide range of colors and shades in combination with absolutely and naturally beautiful unique patterns compliment any interior with areas of application ranging from granite countertops to kitchen islands, to faucet tops. Various details of an interior can be made from a granite slab including: window sills, eaves, a plinth, a handrail, table-tops, decorations, coffee tables, bar counters, columns. It is found the walls revetted with a granite tile with the polished surface look. Granite countertops will decorate not only the kitchen, but also a bathroom, making it anything but mundane and originality. And fats, oils, wine though acid, getting on the surface of a granite slab will not be absorbed and will not leave any stains. Granite slabs in Toronto are the perfect material for any part of your home and is the place with the best selection of granite colors and the best prices in the industry!