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Granite Faucet Tops

granite faucet top installationGranite Countertops Toronto also fabricates and installs granite faucet tops in Toronto, Ontario and the surrounding area. Upgrading your regular faucet top to a granite faucet top will dramatically improve the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen or bathroom as well as the resale value of your home.

Granite, being a natural stone, is unique, no two slabs are the same. Ergo, your granite faucet top will too be a truly unique masterpiece. An additional advantage of a granite faucet top is the pleasant feel. The feeling of leaning on a granite faucet top is distinct, it is the feeling of luxury, quality, sturdiness and durability.

granite faucet top fabricationUpgrading your faucet top to a granite faucet top in Toronto is a long term investment into the value of your home. The above mentioned value is both intrinsic and extrinsic. A Toronto granite faucet tops upgrade will instantly make your kitchen or bathroom more luxurious, pleasant to the eye as well as improve your overall experience. A granite faucet top upgrade always has a positive effect on the resale or rent value of your property, the upgrade not only yields a solid ROI, but also is something you and your family will enjoy immediately. These reasons are why upgrading your faucet top to a granite faucet top is the most common upgrade.

granite faucet tops torontoOur faucet tops are fabricated from the largest variety of Granite Colors in Canada, our selection includes over 500 granite colors. Contact us today for a

FREE Quote!. We have your dream granite in stock

for the lowest installed price on the market!

Getting Started

  1. Contact us for a free estimate – Our project manager will call you back instantly to walk you through the process of selecting the right stone and thickness for your granite faucet top in Toronto.
  2. Choose your slab – Our selection includes over 500 granite colors, all of them usable both for granite faucet tops and granite countertops. If your are looking to cut costs we are the go to company to find slab cut-offs in the closest color to your ideal.
  3. Receive a rough estimate – Or project manager will provide you with a rough estimate for your Toronto granite faucet top upgrade over the phone.
  4. Free on-site estimate – Our project manager will contact you to schedule an appointment to conduct a detailed on-site estimate. During the estimate he will detail the exact steps involved in the project and will also confirm the timelines of your granite faucet top upgrade. You may choose to proceed with the project at this point if you wish, or you may respectfully decline, no obligations.
  5. Granite faucet top fabrication – At our fabrication facility, your faucet top will be fabricated to exact specifications. Every detail will be thoroughly inspected, the resulting granite faucet top will be perfect.
  6. Granite faucet top installation – Our team will come on-site to install your faucet top in Toronto. The project manager will be present during the installation to guarantee that the standard of highest quality is maintained as well as to keep the project on schedule.
  7. Post installation clean-up – Although our contractors will do their absolute best to not make a mess by warning indoor disposable one time use shoe covers over their safety shoes and constantly vacuuming during the installation, some installation degree may be left behind. Our team will make sure that your home is left spotless and with no signs of recent construction work.

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