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Dominant Color Silk
Color Palette 1 Thunder
Color Palette 2 Cloudy
Color Palette 3 Mid Gray
Color Palette 4 Emperor
Color Palette 5 White Rock
Color Palette 6 Kabul
Color Palette 7 Americano
Color Palette 8 Arrowtown
Color Palette 9 Celeste
Golden Persa Granite Countertop Toronto

Installer, Fabricator & Supplier of Golden Persa Granite Countertop in Toronto

Golden Persa is the best granite variation that works with a Thunder, Cloudy or Mid Gray coloured cabinets. Typically I would recommend Golden Persa for Tuscan Kitchen styles. Golden Persa is particularly known for its stout property, resilience to thermal and specks. At Our store we choose Golden Persa as our top choice. Golden Persa makes for a great centerpiece or counter, dramatically improving your kitchen. Golden Persa granite is quite a common granite making it a personal favourite of many. Our prices start at $38.00 for our basic granite materials (material, fabrication and installation).

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