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Dominant Color Barley Corn
Color Palette 1 Teak
Color Palette 2 Zeus
Color Palette 3 Moon Mist
Color Palette 4 Hemlock
Color Palette 5 Zombie
Color Palette 6 Hacienda
Color Palette 7 Irish Coffee
Color Palette 8 Harvest Gold
Color Palette 9 Spicy Mix
Golden Dorado Granite Countertop Toronto

Installer, Fabricator & Supplier of Golden Dorado Granite Countertop in Toronto

Golden Dorado is the finest granite that best fits a Teak, Zeus, Moon Mist, Hemlock or Zombie coloured cabinets. Pick Golden Dorado for modern style kitchens. Golden Dorado is admired for its impervious essence, ability to withstand high temperatures and staining. At Our store we usually recommend Golden Dorado as our top granite countertop choice. Golden Dorado can become a center or countertop, revamping your kitchen. Golden Dorado granite is is an extremely rare granite stone that makes it our favourite. Starting from $38.00 for select materials (stone, fabrication and installation).

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