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Dominant Color Dawn
Color Palette 1 Dawn
Color Palette 2 Dune
Color Palette 3 Satin Linen
Color Palette 4 Kabul
Color Palette 5 Chicago
Color Palette 6 Tiara
Color Palette 7 Kabul
Color Palette 8 Sandstone
Color Palette 9 Pale Leaf
Crema Bordeaux Granite Countertop Toronto

Installer, Fabricator & Supplier of Crema Bordeaux Granite Countertop in Toronto

Crema Bordeaux tops are most commonly perceived as exquisite and are often installed in pent house condos. Crema Bordeaux is of a Dawn color that is mixed with the following color spots: Dawn, Dune, Satin Linen, Kabul, Chicago, Tiara, Kabul, Sandstone and Pale Leaf. This countertop best complements Dawn or Dune shelves. Kitchen Cabinets aren’t the only factor to consider when color matching, also consider your furniture and flooring., or you may favor a shade that is their reverse. Granite Countertops Toronto is a distributor of Crema Bordeaux granite countertops in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Granite countertops prices stating from $38.00 per sq.ft. material and install.

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