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Dominant Color Indian Khaki
Color Palette 1 Akaroa
Color Palette 2 Dune
Color Palette 3 Green White
Color Palette 4 Brown Rust
Color Palette 5 Nutmeg
Color Palette 6 Cement
Color Palette 7 Muddy Waters
Color Palette 8 Donkey Brown
Color Palette 9 Stack
Cloudy Yellow Granite Countertop Toronto

Installer, Fabricator & Supplier of Cloudy Yellow Granite Countertop in Toronto

Cloudy Yellow is a Indian Khaki hue granite with Color Pallets of Akaroa, Dune, Green White and Brown Rust colors. Imporant: A Cloudy Yellow material island can be the center of your home, a place to have your morning tea, do your crossword, have a Corfu Coffee or a whisky! Cloudy Yellow is a perdurable stone which can withstand lifetimes of use. When designing an old world designed kitchen This granite stone will work wonders. mined granite materials ahead of them fabricated. From: $38.00 Cloudy Yellow counters shows great variation, dependant on the mining location in that it was escalated.

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