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Dominant Color Cotton Seed
Color Palette 1 Cloud
Color Palette 2 Heavy Metal
Color Palette 3 Storm Dust
Color Palette 4 Stack
Color Palette 5 Finch
Color Palette 6 Kabul
Color Palette 7 Americano
Color Palette 8 Granite Green
Color Palette 9 Martini
Chateau Red Granite Countertop Toronto

Installer, Fabricator & Supplier of Chateau Red Granite Countertop in Toronto

Chateau Red is a top granite material that best fits a Cloud, Heavy Metal, Storm Dust, Stack, Finch, Kabul, Americano or Granite Green coloured furniture. Best option is to choose Chateau Red for Tuscan Kitchen styles. Chateau Red is particularly known for its perdurable essence, ability to withstand high temperatures and specks. At Our store we often recommend Chateau Red as our top choice. Chateau Red can be a great most important part or counter top, reinventing your kitchen. This specific granite is quite a rare material that makes it our favourite. Starting from $38.00 for our basic stones (stone, fabrication and installation).

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