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Dominant Color Tapa
Color Palette 1 Storm Dust
Color Palette 2 Cloud
Color Palette 3 Shark
Color Palette 4 Dawn
Color Palette 5 Thunder
Color Palette 6 Oslo Gray
Color Palette 7 Pumice
Color Palette 8 Bombay
Color Palette 9 Mondo
Cactus Granite Countertop Toronto

Installer, Fabricator & Supplier of Cactus Granite Countertop in Toronto

Cactus is a fine granite type to best suit a Storm Dust, Cloud, Shark, Dawn, Thunder, Oslo Gray or Pumice coloured kitchen. Use Cactus for minimal kitchens. Cactus is admired for its firm nature, resilience to thermal and spots. At Granite Countertops in Toronto we always opt for Cactus as our top countertop material choice. Cactus will make a perfect centerpiece or counter, bringing life to any kitchen. This exact granite is quite a common granite stone setting it as the top choice for most home improvement experts. Our prices start at $38.00 for our basic stones (stone, fabrication and installation).

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