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Dominant Color Dorado
Color Palette 1 Dorado
Color Palette 2 Silver Rust
Color Palette 3 Zorba
Color Palette 4 Cocoa Brown
Color Palette 5 Aluminium
Color Palette 6 Schooner
Color Palette 7 Cocoa Brown
Color Palette 8 Hemp
Color Palette 9 Hit Gray
Brown Antique Granite Countertop Toronto

Installer, Fabricator & Supplier of Brown Antique Granite Countertop in Toronto

Brown Antique countertops are treated as extravagance and are most commonly chosen for some of the finest homes. Brown Antique is of a Dorado color with granite veins of the following colors: Dorado, Silver Rust, Zorba, Cocoa Brown and Aluminium. This granite works well with Dorado, Silver Rust, Zorba, Cocoa Brown, Aluminium, Schooner, Cocoa Brown or Hemp islands. Kitchen Cabinets aren’t the only factor to consider when color matching, also consider your furniture and flooring., or for a more dramatic look pick a tone that contrasts them. Our company, Granite Countertops Toronto is a distributor of Brown Antique counters in Toronto and area. Select colors starts from $38.00 per sq.ft. for granite cost, fabrication and installation.

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