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Dominant Color Bitter
Color Palette 1 Bitter
Color Palette 2 Log Cabin
Color Palette 3 Fuscous Gray
Color Palette 4 Spring Wood
Color Palette 5 Kelp
Color Palette 6 Eagle
Color Palette 7 Masala
Color Palette 8 Foggy Gray
Color Palette 9 Coriander
Blue Renoir Granite Countertop Toronto

Installer, Fabricator & Supplier of Blue Renoir Granite Countertop in Toronto

Blue Renoir is the best granite type that best fits a Bitter, Log Cabin, Fuscous Gray, Spring Wood, Kelp, Eagle or Masala coloured kitchen. Go for Blue Renoir for Tuscan Kitchen styles. Blue Renoir is a top pick for its perduring characteristics, ability to withstand high temperatures and scratches. At Granite Countertops in Toronto we select Blue Renoir as our number one granite. Blue Renoir will make a perfect central or faucet top, reinventing your kitchen. This color range granite is is an extremely rare material that makes it our favourite. Our prices for granite start from $38.00 for our basic stones (installed and fabricated).

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