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Dominant Color Cape Palliser
Color Palette 1 Cape Palliser
Color Palette 2 Black Marlin
Color Palette 3 Spice
Color Palette 4 Di Serria
Color Palette 5 Espresso
Color Palette 6 Laser
Color Palette 7 Nutmeg
Color Palette 8 Rope
Color Palette 9 Mongoose
Atlantic Yellow Granite Countertop Toronto

Installer, Fabricator & Supplier of Atlantic Yellow Granite Countertop in Toronto

Authoritative coloration of Atlantic Yellow: An out of focus look at the granite countertop reveals Cape Palliser is the governing tincture of the stone.
Granite Vein Colors of Atlantic Yellow: A careful inspection of the granite material shows Cape Palliser, Black Marlin, Spice, Di Serria, Espresso and Laser colors.
Atlantic Yellow is a swank material frequent in Old World design kitchens. Our countertops start from $38.00 . Granite is a natural material, colorization will differ, no two slabs are identical making your countertop a unique element. Grace of l, a natural product grants your kitchen an aura of richness.

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