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Dominant Color Mondo
Color Palette 1 Rangitoto
Color Palette 2 Teak
Color Palette 3 Shadow
Color Palette 4 Millbrook
Color Palette 5 Finch
Color Palette 6 Hemlock
Color Palette 7 Gurkha
Color Palette 8 Scarpa Flow
Color Palette 9 Bazaar
Arctic Cream Granite Countertop Toronto

Installer, Fabricator & Supplier of Arctic Cream Granite Countertop in Toronto

Arctic Cream is a fine counter granite that works with a Rangitoto, Teak, Shadow, Millbrook, Finch, Hemlock, Gurkha, Scarpa Flow or Bazaar coloured flooring and kitchen. Pick Arctic Cream for Contemporary Kitchens. Arctic Cream is celebrated for its durable characteristics, ability to withstand heat and spots. At Our firm we choose Arctic Cream as our number one granite. Arctic Cream will make a perfect centerpiece or counter, revamping your kitchen. Arctic Cream granite is is a common granite making it a personal favourite of many. Starting from $38.00 for beige coloured granite (stone, fabrication and installation).

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