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granite-countertops-maintenanceGranite has been a material of value since it was first discovered. Its strength and endurance has been cherished since the days of Ancient Egypt. Some of the pyramids contain significant amounts of granite. Now, granite is one of the most sought after materials for kitchen countertops. Adding granite to a kitchen can greatly increase the value of a home and add a sense of luxury to any lifestyle. Maintenance, though, is very important. To properly take care of your granite countertop, so that they hold their shine and their value, just follow these six guidelines.

Daily Maintenance

Daily maintenance is important when taking care of your granite countertops. Working in the discount real estate business I have seen many stains on granite countertops that drove the value of the house down. It’s a really simple process that doesn’t take much time. Here are some tips you can use to keep them looking their best.

  • Use a soft cloth, with warm water and dish soap, to clean the countertop
  • Rinse with clean water make sure to dry the surface with a soft cloth
  • You can avoid stains by blotting up spills right away
  • Do not wipe spills around; it will only spread the damage

Do not Let Stains Remain

If you have existing stains, do not let them sit and fester. The longer they stay, the harder they are to remove. Use poultice to pull stains out of the stone. Poultice is an absorbent clay powder that pulls out great and oil from natural stone. It is a miracle worker. Just make sure to re-shine after stain removal-Poultice can dull the shine of granite.

Apply a Sealer or Coating

Apply a sealer to your countertop to protect it from future spills, scratches and to maintain its shine. Granite Works recommends sealing the countertop once a year.

  • First, clean the surface of the counter, let it dry, and pour the sealer over the surface
  • Then, spread the sealer with a paper towel or a foam brush and let the sealer sit for 5-10 minutes
  • Now blot any let over sealer away and dry the stone with a terry cloth
  • Let the country dry for 12 hours, be sure to ventilate the area

Don’t be too Extreme with Temperatures

One of the best features of granite is that hot pots and cooking trays will do no harm to the surface of your countertop. Nevertheless, be reasonable- extreme temperature fluctuations and continuous changes may damage the stone. Be sure to not let hot pots sit on the stone for extended periods of time, especially during the winter, when the temperature change is more drastic.

Use Scratch-Protecting Products

Granite, by nature, is resistant to scratching, but there are still things you can do to improve the life of your countertop. Place mats under ceramic dishes, as these are especially scratching. Also, remember to use a cutting board when working with knives in the kitchen. These basic steps will help to avoid annoying scratch marks.

Use Common Sense!

Finally, just be sensible. Think before you act. For instance, do not stand on your granite countertops to reach high cupboards or shelves. Do not throw heavy items onto the countertop; instead place them on lightly. Taking one extra second to think about how your action could affect your granite, can go a long way towards ensuring its value and its integrity.

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By: Tyler Welch