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If you are planning a kitchen redesign it’s worth thinking out of the box and not just replacing the cabinetry and the worktops

Get the initial design right

Just because you have your oven in a particular position or the sink fitted under the window doesn’t mean that these arbitrary positions have to be kept. The best start you can give to any kitchen design is to completely open your mind to the different arrangement of appliances in the room. You might be able to use the current ‘dead’ space that was your chimney breast, you might decide only to include cabinets along one wall thus freeing up space for a dining table… A good kitchen design can really make the difference between a room that has been spruced up and a room that has is completely new.

You get what you pay for

If you are budget-conscious it is worth looking for sales or cheaper items to include in the kitchen design. However, like anything you buy in life you get what you pay for. If you are redesigning the kitchen to make the house easy to sell then luxury items or expensive solid wood cabinetry might not be high on your list of wants. However if this is your ‘for ever’ home you will want something which doesn’t just look good but will last too, a quality which cheap kitchens unfortunately don’t have in abundance.

The floor covering matters too

When you choose the kitchen cabinets and the work surface it’s also worth considering the floor covering. Many homeowners also find they can create more space in a kitchen if they lose the traditional radiator and instead install underfloor heating in the room. Before any work is done installing the kitchen look at this heating option and consider installing the floor so the cabinetry can be installed over it, creating a ‘clean’ design.

Work surfaces

The part of the kitchen which will catch the eye is always the work surface. You can even get away with cheaper cabinets and fixtures and fittings if you choose a quality work surface. Most people will only look at the area within reach and if this looks stunning, in beautiful granite or marble, it can really lift the room from a normal kitchen to one which oozes opulence.


The finishing touches will really make a difference in a kitchen. Choose a colour theme for the décor and then carry this through to the fixtures and the fittings. A few well-placed jugs or quality cast iron pans can make the room feel like home

Roger Rudd is a kitchen designer; he uses www.globalmarble.co.uk whenever he needs something special for his design.