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log cabin bathroom designA place of privacy and relaxation, a bathroom isn’t necessarily just a room to get in and get out of in a manner of minutes.  There are those that spend a lot of time each morning washing up, drying off, and standing in front of the mirror to get ready for the day ahead. On the other hand, a shower or bath provides a place to relax at the end of a long day. Thus, having an intricately designed bathroom is a bonus for many homeowners for aesthetic and functional purposes.

While any home can contain beautiful bathrooms, log homes sometimes have an advantage because they are built with aesthetically pleasing wood products. Even though log cabins are beautiful structures on their own, there are various options for an even more impressive bathroom design.

Design Choices

log-cabin-bathroom-designIf rustic and old-fashioned is desired, antique-style tubs and fixtures may be used. Claw foot bathtubs, vintage toilets, weathered furniture, and other aged decorations such as old faucets are nice examples.  In addition, the log walls may be completely visible instead of covered up.

For a more modern look, wood products, such as cedar panels, can be mixed with tile or marble to create a luxurious appearance.  Stainless steel fixtures and bright colors such as blue, yellow, orange, or maroon can also accent the cedar nicely. A cedar ceiling or cedar window panes may be combined with marble or tile walls. There are a number of creative approaches to combine wood and other manmade or natural materials.

Regardless of whether a bathroom has a rustic or modern style, candles, potted plants, and hanging pictures create a more natural and cozy environment. Instead of only using bright lights that may be overpowering at times, installing lights that can be dimmed are a useful option. Everything down to curtain rods and drawer knobs can be spruced up and customized. Every little addition adds more to the design as a whole.

Final Points

To conclude, those who spend many hours each week in the bathroom deserve to be in a comfortable and visually appealing environment. Tile floors, cedar log siding panels, marble countertops, and stainless steel fixtures can blend together to create a dazzling room. The usage of bright colors can really add to the beauty of a room and make it especially unique.

log cabin bathroom design

Whether someone is getting ready for work in the morning, hopping into a quick shower in the afternoon, or lighting candles and filling the tub at night, the bathroom is another room to transform into a place to feel cozy and meditate.

log cabin bathroom design


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