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No home owner likes it when expensive things around the house break or need repair but the fact is it does happen. It’s even worse when things don’t simply wear out but rather they get damaged. That’s of course often the situation with roofs.

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There’s two situations when consumers wind up needing to deal with roofing companies. The first situation is when your roof has simply worn out. It’s not damaged by a storm or any kind of natural occurrence. It’s just worn out. If that’s the case, then you’ve probably got your money’s worth out of it.

The other situation is probably more common. Here, we’re talking about a storm-damaged roof. Certain parts of the US are very familiar with this situation. Home owners all through the Mid-West and Great Plains states are very familiar with Toronados and the Gulf Coast and the East Coast het get their hurricanes and sometimes homes anywhere can simply be subject to high wind damage (although that’s not very common).

The point is… the roofing business is a huge business and it does attract its share of scoundrels. True, most roofing companies are reputable but the homeowner still needs to exercise utmost caution in obligating to spend the kind of money that roofing jobs cost nowadays.

Just in case you ever find yourself having to contract for a new roof, here’s a few pointers to help make sure you don’t waste time and/or money. For the most part they apply regardless of the reason you’re shopping roofing companies.

First of all, don’t ever let the time urgency of the situation force you to make a decision about signing a roofing contract. When storms hit different areas of the country, even though you probably don’t know it but there are teams of professional salespeople who rush to that area to do nothing but descend upon storm-damaged neighborhoods and sign people up for roofing jobs.
The pitch is usually very similar. They promote the fact that that they offer a free roof inspection and then, if you decide to let them repair the roof they’ll handle all the insurance company dealings for you and you’ll wind up paying little or nothing and everything will be incredibly easy.

In reality, that’s often the way it works. The insurance companies usually are the ones who pay the lion’s share of the cost for roof repair jobs. That is…. assuming you’ve got homeowner’s insurance. Nevertheless, it’s still a good idea to ask for references from other customers in the area.

It’s possible that the company you’re dealing with, i.e. the people actually doing the work, are not from your local area. In fact, if you live in a small town, it’s very likely because there usually just aren’t enough roofers in a local area to repair to take care of the sudden surge in demand that major storms can create. Its always recommended to check online reviews on any company you might consider. For example, Roofing Repair Toronto comes highly recommended by various review sites and if you search for their reviews you will find a solid 5 star rating with reviews ranging over several years, see for your self search for “Roofing Repair Toronto Reviews“.

That’s not necessarily a deal-killer but you’re usually better off dealing with a company where the owners and workers actually live in your area so you should always try to get local references if possible. And actually call them up and ask them what their experience with XYZ company was like. Although it’s highly unlikely that a sales rep is going to give you a referral that they’re not confident about but still….. you should ask.

Next you should check the Better Business Bureau. Although the BBB is not infallible and has been known to be manipulated (they are a ‘for profit’ organization, you know!), still they do get feedback from the public. You never know who might have called in a complaint in the past nor can any roofing company know (assuming they did something they might be embarrassed about) who might have called in a complaint.

Last but not least on the subject of checking references, if you’re really dealing with a local company, it will be easy to see examples of their work. That’s obvious, right?
Odds are that you’re not a professional roofer so you’ll be limited in your ability to talk the ‘technical-talk’ of roofing so don’t be afraid to ask the rep to explain any jargon that you don’t understand. And also don’t be afraid to take the time to read the contract. Matter of fact, if you’ve got an attorney, there’s nothing wrong with letting him or her read through it either. You might also be a member of a pre-paid legal plan that gives you that kind of contract review benefit. If you are…use it.

Buy, or contracting for, a new roof is similar to anything else but it’s just bigger dollar amounts that are involved. So…. using common sense is even more critical. Take it like the serious decision it is and the odds are you’ll come out a satisfied customer. As we said, most roofing companies are reputable and are looking to create another good reference with you. Just take your time in making a decision.