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Your home is a reflection of your personality, and nowhere is this more true than your kitchen. Nowadays there is a stunning range of kitchen furniture, appliances, and accessories to help you complete exactly the look you want, so here are three suggestions for kitchen design that will inspire your imagination.

A country-style kitchen

country kitchenTraditional country furniture is often created in ‘Shaker-style’ using antique pine, or a distressed painted finish. Open units are the height of country fashion, with a Welsh dresser, or open shelves with wooden drying racks for displaying your themed crockery. Use wicker baskets for shelf storage, matched with larger baskets to store logs, newspaper etc.

Shaker-style kitchen units are a must, with metal handles or wooden ‘stoppers’ for an authentic look. Marble or tile-effect worktops work well, and will be enhanced by a Belfast sink (or two), with matching taps. Ideally you should include a stone floor, but a cheaper option is to install vinyl flooring with a flagstone design. Appliances can be hidden behind unit doors, but for a truly authentic effect, choose a range cooker, with a matching finish.

The best colours for a country look are creams or muted pastels, so pick accessories to enhance this, such as metal storage tins. Other rustic accessories could include storage jars and bottles, earthenware vases or jugs, and a Victorian-style clock.

A modern kitchen

modern kitchenIn today’s modern kitchen, minimalism is the key theme, and the kitchen often functions as a cooking and dining area. Colours are subdued, so consider units which reflect this, such as stainless steel or high-gloss charcoal colour, hiding appliances away behind them. This can be further enhanced by a free-form steel cooker hood, light shades, and other fittings. Granite or dark wooden worktops fit well, teamed with stainless steel sinks and chrome taps.

A breakfast bar will give space for eating, with bar stools in chrome and dark leather. Combine this with extendable worktops and a ceramic hob, to allow cooking and conversation. A combination of pendant light and recessed halogen spotlights allows you to change the mood.

A retro-themed kitchen

Retro is all the rage, and nothing sums that up better than a 60’s design. The 60’s was all about bright colours and clean lines, but for a modern take, use bright colours sparingly as accents, set against a muted background.

Units which imply free-standing, perhaps on legs, will create an authentic feel, and can be used to hide large appliances. A breakfast bar with ‘pod-shaped’ bar stools in zingy orange or yellow would look fantastic, contrasting well with classic ‘black and white’ floor tiles. Soft furnishings could include psychedelic prints, (but don’t overdo this!), and monochrome photos add a retro touch to the décor. Add geometric plastic lampshades to a pendant light, and of course, display your retro appliances for the finishing touch.

So, whatever theme you prefer for your kitchen, take inspiration from these ideas, research a few more, and you could soon have the kitchen of your dreams.

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