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For centuries, granite countertops, vanities, faucet tops and fireplace surrounds have served to convey a sense of elegance and beauty inside a home. For many years, granite was cost prohibitive and only available to the wealthy and affluent. However, Granite Countertops Toronto has created a business model that minimizes installed costs while providing the highest quality products in the industry. Since we offer a variety of shades, colors, styles and textures, you will find it much easier to match the décor of your kitchen and bathrooms. Cupboards and cabinet hardware can be viewed along with different granite countertops to provide the perfect color and stone pattern compliment.

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At Granite Countertops Toronto, we provide warehousing, fabrication and installation services, which is the key to our low pricing and high level of customer satisfaction. By completing all orders in house, we avoid the typical delays and order processing disruptions associated with third-party involvement. As a large granite supplier in Toronto, we maintain an inventory of over 500 different color varieties, and the granite slabs in the Toronto facility are custom fabricated on site. In addition to our substantial inventory of granite stones, we stock a variety of other material choices including quartz, marble and soapstone among others. For kitchen granite countertops in Toronto, we are the only source you need for variety, low cost and expert installation.

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Process: Kitchen Granite Countertops

While we provide the largest selection of granite slabs in Toronto, we understand the key to customer satisfaction depends on a quality installation. For granite-countertops installation in Toronto, we only employ qualified journeymen installers who meet our rigid standards. Proper measurements are critical to ensure the slab fits precisely into the allotted space and accommodates electrical outlets and plumbing fixtures. Edge detailing, back splash heights and sink applications are thoroughly evaluated and engineered before the installation process begins. The granite-countertops installation for Toronto kitchens includes metal rods and plywood attached to the cabinetry to establish a solid and level surface. This will help prevent your new granite countertop from cracking or breaking after several years of regular use.

In Toronto, kitchen granite countertops are our most frequent projects. We have perfected the process and managed to establish the highest quality production process at the lowest possible price! This is our simple, quick and foolproof process:
  1. Request a Free Quote
  2. Our project manager will take down all information necessary to ballpark estimate your project cost
  3. Choose the right granite slab & color at our warehouse
  4. A free on sight estimate is scheduled and precision measurements are taken by our Project Manager
  5. You are provided with the final budget and timelines
  6. Your Granite Countertop is fabricated
  7. Your Granite Countertop installation in Toronto or area
  8. Project is delivered, gratitude is accepted in form of hugs and or high fives

When it comes to granite countertop installation in Toronto – our process cannot be beat.

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While some companies are limited to selling and installing kitchen granite countertops, we provide a variety of interior options including granite vanity tops for our Toronto customers. It is often difficult to locate quality granite faucet tops in Toronto, but we also offer these products and installation services. If you have a fireplace that needs updating, consider one of our granite fireplaces because Toronto has plenty of cold and stormy winter nights. Granite enhances your home’s intrinsic value, which can be especially important if you decide sell it later on. When you are ready to purchase a granite countertop, choose a company like Granite Countertops Toronto that offers low prices and provides every granite service at once location.

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